03 October 2010

Sunday and Julia and I were up and out to get to church early for the 0'clock service. I was doing announcements at the beginning of the service. I did it twice this morning and between services, we went to panera for breakfast and shopping for tonight's dinner. I am filling up my weekend. And that is good.

It is another beautiful fall day, and we will, I say WILL, get outside. Either to walk somewhere or go to a playground or do some gardening.

Julia sat in the back of church, outside the main auditorium, but still in my sight and colored while I began the service. She did it twice and she did a great job. It reminded me of Cheshire, much younger, but going with us or me or David and being left to amuse herself while we did some kind of work. Cheshire at 5, taking a case book off the shelf in the library at law school and trying to copy a page, with headings and all. We asked her to be responsible for a bit of time and she was. I am just starting to ask that of Julia. I am so very happy that she did it today.

Even her church school aide, Erin, sees a difference. And Erin has seen it all with Julia, this being her third year with Julia. She was there with Julia screaming and hitting, Julia not wanting to do anything including sitting. Erin is almost finished with college and wants to go to med school. I hope she becomes a pediatrician!

I saw an announcement for the formation of a writers' group at church. Immediately, I thought of something to write. Oh, I can laugh at myself. I renounced the title of writer, all titles, a ways ago. But as some one who almost compulsively writes, what else can I do but join.

Notes on an Idea. Yes, I want to join.

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