22 October 2010

How did it get to be Friday already? I know, I know, most of time I/we/most people can't wait until Friday, but I am not finished with all the reading for this week and class is in a few hours, and I need to write a bit for my own sanity. I have an extra dose of reading this week due to the fact that my group is getting some extra autism training today -- which I have been looking forward to for weeks but now feels like an undue burden. I haven't made a phone call I was supposed to and did nothing to further my leadership project this week. UGH! Stress. And I did it.

Anyway . . . .

It is all fine. Really. I can catch up next week.

The reading that I am missing is mostly centered on autism diagnosis, how early, what signs, what signs can be developed (a theory about larger head size early in growth). The reading follows the design of other information that we are receiving. What is disappointing right now is my own yearning to know more about the conditions and the therapies/adaptations/ counseling/etc., and not so much about diagnosis. This may just be the first round and I should ask my mentor about it. Just a note, however, to say how it is going right now. Given my proclivities, I would have rather started on some back end of DD in childhood and track backwards and forwards to infanthood and adulthood.

But this is probably just me. And me in the middle of Julia's childhood and seeing other kids with DD in their childhoods. (DD Developmental Delay)

So, news is that a new spirit has moved into our house. I will get some pics soon of DiDi Chi -- didi is little brother in Chinese and Chi is energy and life force. We adopted a tiny kitten on our way home on Wednesday. (I had been scouting places to find a kitten and already to talked to people who ran the rescue center that DiDi Chi comes from.) Julia did so well with my sister's cats and big dog during our weekend -- was it because she was sick and confined pretty much to the couch and was too weak to resist having a cat snuggle with her? -- that I thought I would seize the moment. It was also the right moment.

After two days at home, this feisty kitten has made himself at home. He and Latkah are still trying to figure out the pecking order. Latkah is nervous but I do think she enjoys having someone to chase around the house with. DiDi Chi insists on being with me whenever he can, and loves watching me type on the computer. An adoring audience? What writer could ask for any more?

Julia is thrilled. She is a bit scared of DiDi Chi but she can control her fear, and the fear is mixed with love and caring. Julia is amazing.

Have I said that before?

Got to read now, but will write more of the week and weekend later.

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Traci said...

A new member of the household. How nice for the three of you. I hope Latkah wins alpha status since he was first. I'll wish him well here.