17 October 2010

Julia and I still in Cheshire's bed lazing on this Sunday morning. I with my laptop, Julia with her Leapster. It is too funny to have her beside me doing her version of what I do.

I need to get the day going -- David's Dad and then a big family dinner at my sister's house -- but the morning peace of Brooklyn is just too lovely.

Last night, Julia went right to sleep very early, dead tired after traveling all day and walking around with her backpack filled with all her clothes and toys. Cheshire and I stayed up and watched goofy movies, eating Cheshire-made chili and champagne sherbet, and just being together. My recent fears about loneliness -- an unremitting, unseeable depth of missing -- have been dispelled. Right now, Cheshire and I am sure a few other friends can fill that pool to a bearable level. I have instinctive anticipation that I will find resources to heal.

Okay, up and at 'um.

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