13 October 2010

Our at home therapists -- that is, those who come to our house -- are wonderful and smart and caring. Each one brings some special talents and two of therapists have graphic art talent. This is so good for Julia -- it is not so much like art lessons but more like working beside someone who also enjoys making art. Julia is taking a bit of instruction from these young women but most of it is in the form of suggestions or Julia watching and coping. Last night, Julia did a painting and for the first time she painted the entire sheet of paper. I am sure part of doing that was Morgan's doing. This morning, Julia and I talked about the painting over breakfast. Julia wanted to hang it up, but instructed me to buy some "glass" to put in front of the picture. Julia is growing to appreciate her own work. I like that.

Yesterday, I sat on a panel of parents of kids who have disabilities -- mostly autism. There were 10 or 12 of us talking about 6 or 7 kids. It was such an interesting group that I sent a sign up sheet around to get their emails. I'd like to get together with these people. Seize the moment!

One question that was asked was what we wished for our children. I answered that almost without thinking that I hoped the Julia found mentors -- people who do what she wants to do, and know more about things than she does who can guide her. And yes, this is true. We never managed to really connect with her art teacher from Franklin last summer -- David's death was the main cause of that. And I don't think the Randall Art teacher is taking any particular notice of Julia. I'd like to find an art mentor for her -- someone who can offer some guidance, some information instruction, someone to work beside her and to have their own work that is fascinating to Julia. Likewise, I'd like to find someone who knows more about dinosaurs and bugs than Julia does who would take her under their wing. I hope I get to share Julia with people like this. If they are interested and take the time, I know it would benefit them as well as Julia. I know this because I know Julia.

Yesterday's PTO meeting, which could have been contentious went very well. Good discussion. Good turnout. Good ideas. This is a good PTO year. Tough in terms of volunteers, but good in terms of working friends. There is an amazing group of parents who work for our PTO and I am so fortunate to be working with them. I am so grateful for this work.

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