28 September 2010

Going Home Barbie

When families go to China to adopt a child and stay at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, capital city of Guangdong province, the receive a special Barbie Doll, called Coming Home Barbie. Each year there is a new Coming Home Barbie, and this is the Barbie doll we received in 2006, when we brought Julia home.
I had packed that doll away, not hidden it exactly, but put it away until some time when Julia could appreciate it properly. I don't really know when that was going to be. I stopped thinking about it really.

Sometimes Julia goes down the basement and explores. There is not much that she can hurt and so I let her do it. One day, not too long ago, but just before our China reunion, Julia brought the Barbie doll upstairs and asked if she could open it. (There was a time when she would have opened it without asking.) I was perplexed. I wanted to save the doll. I guess I wanted to keep it perfect in its box so that Julia could have it for all time. But Julia wanted to play with it.

And so, I asked lots of people about it. My fellow China travel mates, my Madison mom friends, and some others. And almost to a mom, they all thought I should give Julia the doll and let her play with it.

Julia forgot about the doll for awhile, but today, she remember again, and asked to open it and I said, yes!
I made her take a picture with the doll in the closed box.
And then we opened it.
She has had fun with it all afternoon and evening.


Traci said...

I don't remember what I said about this issue when you asked, but I am so glad to know that she's playing with it. It was meant for her all along.

Wonder if I should pull Jade's out and let it sit in the box until she notices. You see, Jade's is packed away somewhere. Somewhere.

Good for you, Mom.


Suz said...

As soon as I saw that comment, I knew it was you, Tracy! LOL! I have to tell you that the barbie doesn't have underpants under her dress. Julia didn't like that but she doesn't have barbie underpants. She found a pair of footless black tights from her Hannah doll and put it on Barbie, and pronounced it a whole lot better. Interestingly, Julia came to us without underpants on, just loose trousers. I think she might have peed in her pants on the way to Nanchung. Or maybe she just didn't have them. And she is never without underpants!