27 September 2010

Started on Sunday, finished on Monday

Back from a lake weekend in north eastern Indiana, and ah! The ah of a lake. I do have one two blocks from my house, but still. Ah!!!! We played, ate, talked, drank a little wine, walked, and talked some more. It was good to be with old friends. To share news of other old friends and colleagues. To talk about David. To talk about children.

There were seven kids, 8 to 15 (?16). They were busy with each other. They drew Julia in at times and she demanded that they play with her at times. They were very kind to her. Every one of them. And she had a lovely time. She learned to play a few new Wii games -- why does she have to be good at boxing and sword play? She also played archery after watching two of the other kids doing it and she was shooting those arrows pretty well after a very short time. She is now learning from experience and from some instruction. Julia is changing.

She did not eat well, after eating very well last week. The kid looks too skinny to me and there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it. She does not really like fattening foods and she rarely eats too much. She will more likely skip a meal than nibble on a second helping. If only I could trade food desires and metabolisms for a while. Then we could both be perfect -- or nearly so.

I have to start writing about my LEND experience, but not tonight. This is just a reminder for me!

I have a pretty fierce allergic reaction to something -- I think the fabric softener drier sheets that David used. I have not used fabric softener for years and years because I broke out in hives from it. There were lots of soaps that I couldn't use, and even soaps that David could not use if he wanted me anywhere near him. But it seemed that in the last few years, my skin did not react to changes in soap. So, I figured to use what is in the house, and in went the drier sheet to each of Friday's loads. And out of the dried into the bag of weekend clothes.

Saturday morning there were a few spots that I could attribute to late, ambitious mosquitoes. Then, I wondered whether it was bedbugs from the slightly ratty hotel we stayed in when we stopped on Friday evening. I checked Julia and her skin was perfectly fine -- we slept in the same bed, she is much more tender than I am, what is the chance that I would walk away with loads of bits and she get none. And it got worse on Sunday.

That's when I realized that it was an allergic reaction and the only thing that is changed in my routine is those dammed drier sheets. They go in the trash this morning. And I am takingbenedryl for the duration. The "bites" have turned into welts and oh, how they itch. It upset Julia who I realize is now overly concerned about my health and well-being. I am sure I will survive hives. Hives sounds like tiny bumps, is there a word for allergy caused welts that seem to change the shape of an arm?

Even though we were in bed and asleep way before nine last night, we over slept this morning. We had about 17 minutes to get dressed, eat and get Julia ready for school. The kid still does not know how to rush, but she wanted to get on the school bus (the "threat" was that I would have to drive her) that she did it all and hopped on the bus when it was time. She told me she had to see her friends on the bus and she had to get to school because her teacher liked seeing her there. There may be some teasing going on in the playground that Julia does not like, but she is still so excited, much more than the first day, to go to school. And I am cheering!

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