30 September 2010

Okay, 20 minutes before I leave to pick up Julia and go to Marilyn's for therapy. I thought I'd sit down for research this morning but I never got there. Still, made some beef stew for tonight, filed Cheshire's income tax (no biggie, but ever so good that I remembered two days before our extension was over), and I also slept in. I've been letting myself do that this week. I hope it doesn't continue for too long -- really cuts into the day, but it feels good. It is indulgence. Maybe it is putting me in a better mood; maybe I am just lazy.

I feel the lack of not writing about Julia as much as I am writing about myself. It is intertwined and I need this space for myself a good deal, but I am missing things! And I hate to miss anything that Julia does!

So, a few things:

I got a report from school that I am just going to copy here. Of course, seeing that she is doing this much, I want to push her ahead and have her do more. When will I learn!? It sounds and feels like Julia is doing 1st grade, and maybe that is what she is doing. Here is what her teacher wrote:

Morning routine - off bus, things away, go over schedule, then Julia chooses something to do while the kids are coming in and doing morning routine. *transition - foreshadow what we are doing next and count to 5 to put things away.

Math- Work time varies between 20-30 minutes depending on her attention span. She does activities with me and earns 4 stickers. Activities include: counting items, number tracks (covered numbers 1-5, I can show you), sequencing Dinosaur number cards, story problems with dino pictures about eggs, story problems with dino cards given money value - she roles a dice and gets that many one dollar bills then chooses which dinosaur she wants to buy, visual math sheets - identifying how many objects in the picture, color by number... At the end she can choose her activity, sometimes I end with something in math she can work on coloring since she likes art so much.

Literacy - Reading with someone: she practices turn taking - reading a book to someone and listening to someone else read (started with practice with adult). Reading to self: She has time to look at books by herself that she is interested in. Reading to adult: She has books in a folder at her level that she practices with an adult, Adult then asks comprehension questions about the book (4 books = 4 stickers and then her choice). Other reading: Nicky is introducing listening to reading today - books on tape, on playaways, on computer program. Julia will be trying the computer book today.
Writing: Julia gets opportunity to draw and then write about her drawings. She can either dictate or get help with spelling. *I am trying to work in more time to do the sounds practice - she did well with that and I want to do it on a more consistent basis.
She also does activities for Science - they are studying rocks. I can get you more information on that.

When I asked Julia what she did yesterday in school, she told me she drew. When I asked her what, she answered, Fall. What about Fall, I asked? And she said that in the fall it gets colder and the leaves turn colors and then fall to the ground. JULIA IS LISTENING!

Yesterday, when we were getting ready for bed, she asked how my rash (ugh! welts) were doing. She examined them and then told me that she would kiss my back to make me better. Then, she looked at me very seriously and told me that she loved me and wanted me to be very healthy. I know she is scared of losing me and I know that it will take a lot of time for that fear to diminished a bit. But she is right there and feeling it, and being with me.

She had a wonderful time at clinic yesterday but when we left, Bethany, her therapist, still had work to do. Julia doesn't like leaving without making sure that the therapists are safe and going home as well. I don't know where she learned this, but it is very dear.

She also liked playing with the Wii at clinic for the last 15 minutes. This is getting to be a very big treat for her. And I guess I am thinking about Christmas. Bethany was telling me that Julia is figuring out things about the Mario games by herself. She is using the controls (with funny names that I am sure everyone else knows!) and moving them and pressing buttons to explore what her character can do. So much like a regular kid.

I still feel the need to ask others, my professionals, what they think about letting her have such a toy. We raised Cheshire without any video games and it was a point of pride with me. I don't believe in that much media, but if it is going to make Julia fit in, then I will do it.

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