25 January 2011

At least a morning, an early morning, feeling somewhat better. Dizzy and achy legs (weird that the achiness of the flu has wound up in my legs) but with a drop more energy than this past week. I want to get back to exercising that I was doing so well with, but I'd also like to get through the day doing some organizing. I was just reminded by a comment (thanks, Sharyn) to rest easy. I can't forget that today. I feel like I have been "kinda" sick for too long and I need to start moving or I will go nuts. On the other hand -- I need to ensure complete recovery. I am not seriously sick but I can't lose patience with naps and early bedtimes.

For those concerned, I am seeing my doc today. This has gone on for about 10 days and I need to just make sure all is on the mend. I am appreciating the insurance that I pay so much for -- I could complain sometimes but I am also fortunate enough to afford it and to use it!

My school materials for this term grow and I've been piling the books and research print outs and print outs from class. It has been living on top of the tall boy set of drawers Julia dragged it all to the floor -- one of our bones of contention, her getting into my things. But it is a mess of stuff and needs attending.

That feels like a lot of my house right now -- David and I had planed to do massive cleanings of our stuff that we brought and could not use in this smaller house. Then my mother died and I brought some of her stuff here -- mostly boxes of documents and pictures, but still needs to go through. David's father also dumped some schanker stuff on us. And then all of David's stuff. I've been putting it all off. And I needed to do that, but I have the feeling of drowning these days. I need to divest and live that simpler life.

And I was asking for some direction for the next year! LOL! Is clearing my life of unnecessary stuff enough for me? I shuttered at the thought of a garage sale. No, I don't think I am up for even the planning of that, but I want less stuff, less clutter to move from place to place.

And a Julia update: She made me a card and on the bottom it said, Illustrated by Julia Dinosaur. Sometimes I think that grammar school is such a waste for this kid.


norie said...

wow suzanne..i think it is the exact flu i had...it last days upon days...and the aches in my legs suddenly scared me that i was getting old...also the hot flashes really scared me..at least ten a night...it really took almost three weeks and finally an antibiotic to get totally over it...amazing!!! no more leg aches, no more nightsweats, etc...hang in there..it's a rough one!

Anonymous said...

I got sick after Thanksgiving it took me 3 weeks till I got better and after the second week, Bill made me see a doctor because I was getting no better. So I was on medication. But for sure see a doctor if you have not. You still need rest. But I understand I was sick of being sick.

Suz said...

Yes, Norie,

Hot flashes and aching legs. I have been feeling very old!! Doc says I don't need an antibiotic but to expect another week or so of this. Whew! And I got my flu shot!! LOL