18 January 2011

I am sick and it is getting worse. I was supposed to meet with one of Julia's teachers this afternoon and was preparing for it be a midmorning nap. But I woke up feeling worse -- that all over achy body, a complete lack of concentration, coughing, and no energy at all. And that is with cold medication! I have to go out and do some snow clearing and I have to meet Julia at the bus. Hopefully, I will be able to both of those and return to drink tea, nap and recover.

Oy, I hate being sick.

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norie said...

just finished the flu here..went through like wildfire...NOT fun..I haven't been that sick since i was a kid...took 8 days and finally an antibiotic for the sinus infection it eventually caused...hope its not the same suzanne..our area of central new york is loaded with it! hope you are better soon!