25 January 2011

I have a rhetoric questions to all those who feel it is too soon for me to make major life decisions: Can I get rid of all the old furniture from dead family members that David and I used (instead of buying our own) over the years? Is it time for that decision?


Anonymous said...

here's my two cents. Ask Cheshire if she wants any family pieces. If not, pass it on or otherwise dispose of it.

Sharyn said...

Get rid of the stuff you have never liked or the stuff that has bad memories attached to it. Take the stuff to the thrift shop or sell it on Craigslist. The rest, keep until you go into another cleaning-out mode.

Anonymous said...

My feeling is if you don't want it get rid of it. Ask Chesire and the rest of the family if anyone want anything say from Grandma or even Mom (but I think Mom's stuff was equally divided already)if not get rid of it.

Thinking about you.