20 January 2011

Unpaid adverts

Just a quick plug for what looks like a good book: Carl Safina, author of THE VIEW FROM LAZY POINT: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World, whose NYT book review I quoted in the last post, wrote a commenting plugging his book. It reminded me so much of David in a way that I have to tell you, dear reader, to check out his website, http://carlsafina.org/. He does appear to be a very interesting man with some thought provoking ideas.

And his book might be very good book club material.

And . . . closer to home, check out the Forward Theater's Monologue Festival (http://www.forwardtheater.com/forwardtheater/on-stage/monologue-festival-the-love-that-changed-my-life). David's “An Evening with Jon Jones” will be performed in February. Jon, and his partner, Jim, were great friends of ours who lives were ended in the waves of AIDS deaths. I still think of them so very often. I will be the one with the kleenex box at the festival.

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