26 January 2011

So that was about the snarkiest comment ever! The last blog entry, that is. I laugh today.

More seriously, which is all I seem to be able to be these days, I was thrown by those close to me saying I was not ready to move on and make decisions. Even decisions that would change my life. Moving on is such an impetuous idea. I remember when David's father decided to get married again -- less than a year after Inez died. I was rather amazed by his decision but even at the time, David and I realized that his parents had lived with Inez's terminal condition for a while. Her death was expected and I am sure that Dad had been in the midst of mourning, oh, not exactly mourning, but something akin to it, for a very long time.

I can understand those who counsel waiting for everything, but when change comes from within, then I think it is time to move. Rearranging a room, giving clothes away, throwing away some of the paper that man generated may seem like safe actions to take. Actions that I might regret at some point for some reason I don't know now, but safe. They may look safe from the outside, but only I know what is safe from the inside. And although my actions might seem wild, crazy, and unconventional from the outside, that is an illusion. I am listening to my soul these days.

And I have to because there seems to be little else for me to do! Still, needing huge naps and lay downs during the day, but a doc visit assured me that I certainly have a nasty flu but nothing else. I will recover and I need patience. So, I examine my heart and soul and I lay bored and sleepy on the couch and bed.

As for my dinosaur, we have had almost a week of going to sleep by herself. Yahoo! Yesterday in Speech Therapy, her therapist read 4 sentence stories and asked Julia questions. Julia was able to concentrate and answer almost all the questions. The therapist also used "inference cards" -- picture and question cards, that demanded an answer that went one step beyond the picture. Granted these were very easy, but Julia could do them. She is understanding picture cues, she is able to predict what logically follows, she is able to infer, she is able to generalize. That brain of hers is so busy. I have read that our brains learn at incredible rates when we are very young and slow down by certain ages. I wonder about the rate of learning increasing for children like Julia. Who has done the study on that? Someone surely.

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Snickerdoodle said...

FWIW, you need to do what's right for you, when it's right for you (and for Julia too). You'll know in your heart...when it's right for you.

Other people will have opinions, but only you'll know when the time is right.

Snick :)