17 January 2011

Steve Jobs of Apple is taking "another" "medical leave" says the NY Times. To put it much more bluntly, he looks like he is dying. Jobs is a cancer survivor and had a liver transplant in 2009. Lately, he looks gaunt, more and more gaunt with every picture. No, I don't keep tabs on business leaders, but Steve Jobs picture is regularly flashed across my screen as the Apple home page still my internet home page -- just lazy on my part. I've looked at those pictures and casually wondered about his health. The look is undeniable.

Jobs' statement was that he needed to concentrate on his health. Oh, the code! The Japanese stock market fell a few points after the news got out. The code understood? What would this world be like if Job could make a clear and truthful statement and if the natural cycle of life did not inspire fear.

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