13 January 2011

The Bloomfield House

I was very sharp and grumpy with my oil tank remediator yesterday on the phone. Not angry at him at all. Both the insurance company and the remediation company have been helpful, kind and generous. However, once again, the big dig is being put off because the neighbors will not sign the latest release. They now want two things: indemnification for any damage to their house due to the dig although they would not allow the remediators inside the house to make a record of the current status of their house, and another kind of supervisor and inspector. This is nothing that could not have been debated last month, six months ago, last year.

This is more frustrating than any other challenge of my life. I have no idea what to do. In March, I pay another quarters worth of taxes for the house which although I don't want to put any amounts up here is more than what I pay a year in Madison. In July, I will have to pay more house insurance if, and right now it is a big if, High Point will sell it to me. That, plus the heat, the electricity, the lawn, etc. And I am supporting an empty house.

Oh, the frustration. Being powerless is huge. And talking to my remediator yesterday, I felt like Julia tantruming because no one understood Chinese in her first days home. Or being 2. Or being held hostage by some nasty neighbors!

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