21 January 2011

Needing someplace to cheer. Quietly. Julia is in bed alone and this time, tonight, said she could fall asleep herself. I am not counting my chickens yet, but yahoo!

In the weeks after David's death, Julia snuggled very close to me and always wanted my arms around her. If I turned in the middle of the night, she either positioned herself to still be touching me or in my arms or start whining. She was aware of every time I went to the bathroom. She needed every bit of that closeness and I did not deny her, although I did feel very crowded in my king size bed and suffered lots of little aches and pains due to sleeping too long in a single position.

It is such a path we walk. Yes, she is still sleeping in my bed . And I have no intention of putting her in her own room until she asks for it. But she has been sleeping deeply and well and sometimes very long for a few months. And it is harder to wake her up -- normal hard. Isn't that wonderful?!

One more Julia-ism. On the way home from school, out of the blue, Julia told me she was never going to have a baby growing in her tummy. She was going to adopt (said, 'dopt) babies. She does have a pregnant teacher who is showing now. I wonder if that has anything to do with the announcement. I did tell her adoption was wonderful, and she told me, "I know."

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