05 January 2011

Julia is off to school and the morning chores are finished. I have the day to myself and today, has to be email day. I have so many to answer, so many to write, so many to compose. And then getting that holiday card ready to get out. This week's goals and both will get attention today.

I am so quiet. This seems to be a gift to me. A third day of myself. I don't forget David. Ever. It is six months today. Six months. Forever and a blink of the eye. Yes, indeed. Listening to "Another Day" - a James Taylor tune, and feeling very much sung to. Very personal. Magical thinking? Yes indeed. And I don't care. I wish that David was still here to see what we have done this last six months. I wish he was here to do today with me, with us. And tomorrow. And another day after that. But I grow more grateful for the time we had together. Every day. The gift of his life and his love. Healing, invigorating, caretaking, hard, tender, silly, and intense. I was made so much richer from all of it.

I am single with a past. And I am so very proud of that past.

"Wake up Suzie. Put your shoes one. Walk with me into this light. . . ." Thank you, James. I will.

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