22 January 2011

Getting better but after a few errands this afternoon, we are going to call it a day and not go to church tonight. After we got haircuts and did a bit of coop shopping, I was regretting not making the effort to go away for the weekend. Two hours later, I am on the couch and down for the count. I hate being sick.

Julia's cut looks very cute. Shorter than she's had home, but she wants to take care of it herself. Tries to wash it in the tub and comb it in the morning. Even shoulder length it is too much for her and it looks a mess too often. Slightly longer than ear length she may have a chance.

And it looks to cute.

I needed to get some passport pics taken and thought doing it right after a hair cut might get a decent picture. Oy! I have little vanity about my looks, but these are AWFUL pictures!

Correction: I have lots of vanity! I hate taking really ugly pictures, even for my passport. Okay, I've never taken good pictures. Maybe I should get another set taken. It didn't help that my hair cut didn't work out the well either. Either I am going to have a grand pity party or a beer, or both. Pretty pitiful for the day before my new year.

Enough! Enough feeling sorry for myself. I'll put away the groceries, plan on cooking tomorrow, defrost some of my great chili, open a beer, light the duraflame, play some Mario Brothers, and hug my kid.

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Joy said...

oh listen! my passport photos are always awful! I don't wear make-up but I do for passport photos and it doesn't seem to help. ;-)