11 January 2011

Most recent email from the person who is advocating for my adoption of a 9 year old in China:

"I am waiting for the head directors to approve your case and they are on business trip this past week. I should know something by the end of this week."

What optimism! I love it. Still, there is great need to storm the heavens and as the Universe for the correct decision to be made.

You know, I had almost given up today. I don't know why today, but it all seemed so far away. We have birthdays coming up -- Julia's, mine, and this little girl's. Oh, to get such a family gift. And then maybe I can be DTC by Cheshire's birthday.

Just going to note that officials always seems to be traveling. I am sure they travel no more or less than any other officials. I remember telling a caller that my boss of some sort was out of town, and routinely, the caller would complain that their request needed to be handled before the boss got back to the office. It is the same all over the world.

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norie said...

praying for you..and this little one