07 January 2011

Okay, I can't stand keeping a secret! What I can't stand is not writing about what is in my mind, actually what I am obsessing over these days, especially because I try to be very honest when I write here. To hold back obsession just doesn't live well with secrecy.

I am asking for age and marital status waives from the Chinese adoption authority to adopt a specific child. My chances of a pretty close to an ice cube in hell, so another reason to write about this now is that I will need this space to moan and groan when I am rejected.

The marital status waiver is the tough one to get. Singles are not allowed to adopt from China. There have been a very few exceptions, very few. What decided this ice cube, however, was a little girl who has been on the waiting child listing for a long time, who seems possessed of an incredible spirit, who loves to dance, and who has had a very sad life. She is the same age of Julia and although twinning can be an issue, I imagine that the two girls will be in different places developmentally and I think that this girl is much shorter than Julia. This girl has been in contact with many Americans and Europeans because of a program that is involved with her orphanage, and I have been able to get a good deal of informal information about her.

Now, I wait. I don't presume to think that a group of people is pondering my request for days and days. More likely, it is sitting on a desk somewhere waiting to be picked up. This is not an urgent matter and it may take some time. Just writing what I have has given me some peace. I will wait. I will hope and I will be patient. Someone who had given me information about this child wrote that they hoped that each person who looked at my application for waivers saw this girl as part of my family. That is about as good a hope and prayer as I can think of.

And where does this fit in with my life plan? I have been thinking about that and this morning I came to the conclusion that it would fit perfectly.


Jen said...

Oh Suzanne! I so hope and pray that CCAA gives you the go ahead!!! That would be awesome. I will keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

cool, very cool...sending good karma your way.

Snickerdoodle said...

I just *knew* that's what you were writing about yesterday. :)

Sending positive thoughts, and prayers your way.

Being single with two is quite a feat. But it is doable. Totally.

Snick, single mama
dd Sunshine 9 1/2 + Brilliance 4 1/2

norie said...


Cindi Campbell said...

Praying CCAA says YES!